About LongAn Textile Company
* Long An Textile Company was founded in 1977. Located in 1A - Bridge elephant - Nhi Thanh - Thu Thua - Long An Province

* The system of production equipment located in a closed area of 60,000 m2 factory. The value of investments to be 30 million USD in 2002. Along with scale operations with more than 1,200 workers.

  * The company switched to equitized in 2007. After 30 years working with a team of experienced staff, enthusiastic with a closed production technology has produced the modern lines of staple products such as Long An: Fabric Gam, Satine fabrics, Silk fabrics, Kate , Silk fabrics, Cloth Pants, elastic fabrics, Cotton Khaki Fabric types ...
The company's main products:
  • Traditional Vietnamese Jacquard silk
  • All kinds of silks
  • All kinds of stretch fabrics 
  • All kinds of slippery fabrics kate, care, caro...
  • Fashion men, women and children.  
  • Products other fashion design at the request of customers.
 Scale of Operations:
    * Preparing Textile Enterprise
     * Enterprise Education.
     * Enterprise Dye.
     * Garment Factory.
     * Long Binh An Company Limited (Subsidiary).
     * Systems Sales